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Texas is a special place. Even its shape is iconic, serving as a symbol of independence, friendship, strength, pride, risk-taking, firsts and bests. Texas’ self-styled culture is unique in ways that are respected and envied around the world. It is incumbent on each generation of Texans to maintain this rich heritage for generations to come.

Texas songwriters, past and present, reflect in rhythm and rhyme, the essence of our culture; they are the poets of their time and have become the symbolic troubadours of our State.

The mission of the Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association, in the interest of Texas Cultural preservation, is to honor and celebrate Texas songwriters who have played an important role in defining and interpreting Texas’ distinctive culture.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

  • Joe Ables
  • Terry Boothe
  • Bill Schneider

Executive Director

  • Michelle Johnson

Assistant Director

  • Lisa George

Advisory Board

  • Wayne Ahart
  • Dalis Allen
  • Marvin Bendele
  • Ray Benson
  • Jeff Burns
  • Terrel Cass
  • Bob Cole
  • Tim DuBois
  • David Dunham
  • Freddy Fletcher
  • Gary Hartman
  • Amy King
  • Gib Lewis
  • Michael Martin Murphey
  • Connie Nelson
  • Joe Nick Patoski
  • Edith Royal
  • Tamara Saviano
  • Red Steagall
  • Eric Sutherland
  • Carlton Wade
  • Andy Wilkinson
  • Jody Wlliams
  • Bill Worrell


  • Miranda Bolton
  • Jason Guest
  • Shelly Kanter
  • Becky King
  • Kathleen Lucente
  • April Mitchell
  • Tisha Moulinet
  • Holly Priestner
  • Jennifer Robertson
  • Chris Sharp
  • Angie Stabeno


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The Center for Texas Music History (CTMH) at Texas State University – San Marcos is the only university-based program in the state offering a full range of college courses, research and publishing projects covering the entire spectrum of the Texas music history. The CTMH was founded in 1999 and already has compiled an impressive list of accomplishments, including community outreach programs, publicity campaigns, music history courses and the acquisition of important, new collections to the university’s archives.

TxHSA invites recognized artists to discuss placing their works and memorabilia to be professionally archived through the Wittliff Collections at Texas State University - San Marcos. This internationally known repository includes the Southwestern Writers Collection, which among its diverse holdings embraces a rich variety of Texas music—from country and western swing to blues, rock-and-roll, conjunto, and Tejano. The archives are made available to students and scholars. They ensure that future generations are not only made aware of their region’s creative heritage, but have a source to research it.  Founded by Bill and Sally Wittliff in 1986, the Wittliff Collections has become a distinguished and steadily growing archive charged with preserving and providing access to the papers and artifacts of the Southwest’s principal writers, filmmakers and musicians, and to the renowned photographers of the Southwest and Mexico.

The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians provides uninsured, professional musicians in the Austin area with low-cost primary health care services, basic dental care and mental health counseling. Austin is the “Live Music Capital of the World,” yet many professional working musicians are self-employed and rarely have access to health insurance. Without insurance, they cannot afford preventive health care. HAAM services include mental health counseling provided by SIMS Foundation, primary health care provided by Seton Healthcare Network and dental care services provided by St. David’s community Health Foundation. The TxHSA supports HAAM’s mission through annual cash and in-kind donations. Visit the HAAM Website

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